Reusable Cotton Mesh Fruit and Veg Produce Bags (machine washable, set of 5)

Reusable Cotton Mesh Fruit and Veg Produce Bags (machine washable, set of 5)

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4 x large (28x35cm) natural cotton mesh storage bags
1 x large (28x35cm) natural cotton muslin produce bag
1 x medium (20x25cm) natural cotton storage bag
Each bag is designed to be breathable, versatile and able to hold all types of fruits and veggies or whatever else you might need, so you can have a guilt-free, enjoyable grocery shopping experience - it’s one step closer to reducing your footprint and minimising plastic waste.

The handy cotton storage bag can help keep your produce bags together in one place so you don’t forget them when you next go shopping. It can also be used as a medium sized muslin bag to store nuts, seeds or grains.

Save time carrying, storing and preparing your delicious fresh fruits and vegetables


Don’t lose your loose produce. Once filled, tighten the wooden toggle and string to securely fasten the bags protecting your vibrant veggies.


Once home you can easily store your fruit and vegetables just as you normally would, be it in the fridge shelves, cupboard or fruit bowl.

When you’ve finished your meal, you can put your bags back in the the muslin storage bag, keeping everything in one place. That way there are only two things to remember the next time you go shopping - your storage/tote bag and your shopping list!


Reusable and machine washable to keep the bags clean and hygienic, simply wash after use and use again, and again. The natural materials in the bags will biodegrade at the end of life we recommend using industrial compost facilities to ensure they breakdown effectively. Please note as this is a natural product the bags may shrink slightly in the first wash, but will stretch out again when used.


We do everything in our power to remove the use of plastics in our products, that means no plastic, or unnecessary wrapping. We use biodegradable cornstarch packaging and stickers derived from plants so they degrade too!